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An Increase in Murders and Sexual Crimes in South Africa

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By Ashok Ramsarup :: Crime statistics have shown that 58 murders occur daily in South Africa. Police Minister Bheki Cele says most of the people murdered in the country die at the hands of people they know.  Sexual crimes increased by  4.6 percent. During the release of the annual crime statistics for the 2018/2019 financial year, Minister Cele said more than 60 percent of all murders had taken place during the weekend.

Politicians and civil rights groups condemned the killings that occurred in the country.   Anti-Crime Activist Yusuf Abramjeesaid the crime stats were worrying in the South Africa’s fledgling democracy.

Abramjee, who is the Vice-President of Crime Stoppers International (CSI), said the levels of crime in the country wasexceptionally high.    He said: “The crime statistics should be released monthly or at least quarterly.  The crime figures released by the police were somewhat outdated”.

Earlier President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed grave concern, demanding a crackdown on violent crimes in the next decade.But Cele said the police service was aiming to achieve its goal in the shortest possible time. “All the resources and operational strategies have been channeled towards achieved this target,” he said.

On the other hand, Abramjee claimed that to release the crime statistics regularly was important so that communities could jplan on how to assist in fighting crime and making their neighbourhoods safer.

Abramjee said there was nothing to celebrate when the numbers shows a decrease in certain categories such as carjacking and cash-in-transit robberies, but the figures are frightening.

Cele told the media that a Ministerial Advisory Council would be established that aimed at bringing knowledge and expertise from subject experts in policing, together with former Generals of the police that made a positive impact during their tenure.

He said consultations had taken place with the Institute for Security Studies and would be forging ahead with various other  relevant stakeholders in with Corruption Watch, Social Justice Coalition and the academic fraternity to find solutions to fight crime and yield positive results.

Crime Category Figures

Murder 3.4 %
Sexual Offences 4.6%
Attempted Murder 4.1%
Assault to do grievous bodily harm 2.2%
Common Assault 3.7%
Common Robbery 2.0%
Robbery with aggravating 1.2 %

Nyanga is a township near Cape Town had been described as the murder capital despite there had been a k6.2 percent decrease in the number of cases, according to crime statistics.  Five police in the Western Cape were among those where the most murders reported.  The police in Inanda near Durban in Province of KwaZulu-Natal is in fourth place in Cape Town, South Africa. Its name in Xhosa means ‘moon’ and it is one of the oldest black townships in Cape Town.

Ashok Ramsarup is award-winning senior journalist of South Africa 🇿🇦

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