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CSE celebrates – Down To Earth 28th Anniversary

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It is around that time of the year when people across the globe come together to rededicate, plan meaningful activities, and celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5. It is a time to refocus and reaffirm our willingness to do more to preserve and protect our environment.

Whether it is the practising professionals, decision makers in Government and Private sectors, CSR professionals, NGOs, academicians or the common people who bear the brunt of the environmental degradation, everybody needs a constant flow of updated information related to environment that they can use. And make a slight improvement in their neighbourhood.

Principals of Schools and Colleges play a huge role in this, continuing to inculcate and fortify the environment spirit among their students, year after year, and the older generation needs to take speedy remedial measures to offset the ill effects of environmental degradation.

This is where an environment NGO like Centre for Science and Environment’s 39 years of experience in exclusively researching and publishing comes handy. CSE launched Down To Earth (DTE), India’s first ever, and still the only fortnightly magazine on environment and science, way back in 1992.   

DTE is in its 28th year of publishing, just around the time the world is celebrating the World Environment Day. The very fact that DTE has been around for such a long while speaks volumes about its relevance and usefulness to millions of people who have kept themselves updated with knowledge related to environmental issues.

DTE’s importance has only increased with every year and we are grateful to our subscribers and readers for supporting us over the years.

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