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Customer’s share of joy almost doubles under GP network during Pohela Boishak

Customer’s share of joy during PohelaBoishakh almost doubled under Grameenphone network compared to data usage a year ago.  Growth of 4G users in GP network was one the main reason behind this upsurge.

Meanwhile Grameenphone had set up provisional network to enhance coverage and capacity for voice and data for its subscribers at different locations on the eve of Bangla New Year- Pohela Boishakh. This initiative enabled Grameenphonecustomers at key locations, including most festive Dhaka University area, to stay connected seamlessly during the joyous celebration of Bangla New Year.

Every year during Pohela Boishakh, specific areas see mass gatherings and network operators across the country experience an upsurge in voice and data demand. In continuity to previous years, Grameenphone boosted up its network capabilities in those locations.

An extensive network team had been deployed by Grameenphone to facilitate this initiative.

Data from previous years dictate that data usage spikes more than 90 % during Pohela Boishakh. This is due to massive interaction by users in social media postings and live videouploads.

Speaking in this regard, DCEO and CMO of Grameenphone Yasir Azman elaborated, “It is essential that proactive measures are taken to ensure that customers can always communicate with their loved ones and spread the joy of Pohela Boishakh. We know from our previous experiences how pressure on network system can rise during such occasions, and like every year we anticipated our customer’s need and taken the necessary steps beforehand. Regardless of weather conditions or holidays, our network team are always there working relentlessly around the clock to provide our customers with seamless connectivity.Again we wish our customers Shubho Nobo Borsho’.”

Grameenphone Ltd. recently became the first operator in the country to cross the 1 crore 4G customer mark.

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