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Easy steps to set a company in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Poland etc)

The countries in the European belt have always attracted business people. As a result, there are numerous business entities available in the regions of Europe including Germany, France, Italy and Poland. The range of the business is wide and people are making some good profits. All this has happened as the governments of the countries have less restriction on the business and the outsiders are allowed to establish their own business front. So, if someone wants to establish a business in the regions, they can do it easily. But there are certain procedures to be followed. The key requirements of the business entity establishment are explained in brief here.

Business types

First of all, you have to select the business type. Amid varied form of businesses, you need to select the right one that suits you and your budget. If you want to open a company that will provide the basic needs of the local people, you can easily do that. But at first, you are to select the category. If your business or company is planning to provide domestic service or home deliveries of products, surely you can do that too. So, check the list of business categories that will be suitable for your planning and financing.

Branch or fresh company?

The process of opening a new business in the regions will require to get certain steps. As part of the steps, you are to select if you are going to open a wing of your existing company or you want to set a new company office. This is a tricky issue as you are to select the right option. And many of the businessmen are unable to decide if they want to have the branch or a new business.


Besides, when you are planning to have a company in Europe, you will need certain documents. First of all, you have to provide the certificates of incorporation. It will prove that you are not doing any illegitimate business in the country and your company will abide by the state law. Secondly, you have to provide reference letters from your bank. It will verify that you are sufficient with funds and will not require support from the government of the state. Moreover, you are to submit your passport and other necessary documents that allow your stay in the countries.

Company model

At the same time, you are to submit the business model. The model should be descriptive and will explain why and how this is beneficial to the country. The business model should also contain all the necessary explanations about the eco-friendly issues, recycling of the wastages and other aspects. Remember to attach the business or company license. Without any legal entity, you will not get the authority’s permission to run the company or business. Similarly, you have to provide legal documents for international money transfer to European countries.

Where to file the docs?

This is a simple issue. Most of the documents should be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce of the specific country (Germany, France, Poland and Italy). There are designated individuals or authorities who look after the matters. Besides, never forget to explain with reasons why you want to establish your company to the countries and how the company will contribute into the local and international development.


Finally, this is the time to register your company. The Chamber of Commerce is the place where you can register the company. You will get a registration number and thus you will have the legal identity to operate your company and business in the countries.

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