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Expression of solidarity at imposing high taxation on tobacco products

Expression of solidarity at imposing high taxation on tobacco products. An event was organized to express solidarity with the high tax imposition on tobacco products at Satkhira today on 28 April 2019, Sunday. Honorable Councilor, Ward number 9 of Satkhira municipality, project staff members of the DAM PEPSEP project and health workers were present at the occasion. Mr Sheikh Shafik-ud Daoula, Ward Councilor; PEPSEP Satkhira Area Manager Mr Syed Mijanur Islam; PEPSEP Central MIS Officer Engr Md Nizam Uddin and other guests presented their valuable speech voicing solidarity with the activity.    The speakers emphasized on –

1. Implementing tax should based on the Market Retail Price (MRP) value of tobacco products
2. Reducing the cigarette tier from four to two
3. Increasing “supplementary duty ” tax based on inflation and the raise in “GDP” structure
4. Easier tax structure focusing on reduction of the discrimination among the tobacco products (prices of filtered/non filtered bidi, cigarettes, tobacco leaf, gul etc should also be included with tax)
5. Every kind of smoke-less tobacco product should be brought under the government taxation system
6. Implementing a simple and comprehensible tobacco taxation strategy (for five years) that will contribute to reducing tobacco usage and in increasing national revenue
7. Banning of import, manufacture and use of e-cigarette and all forms of heated (IQS) tobacco products
8. Implementation of stronger licensing and tracing system, and monitoring of compliance of the tobacco control law, leading to immediate fine and other punishments for any kind of violation

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