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Facts to know while you apply for a student visa in Germany

Germany is one of the most preferred countries for higher studies. Many of the students from around the world visit the country to pursue their higher studies. Besides, they can also take part in different short and long courses. So, it has become a common issue for global students to apply for a student visa in Germany. But do you think that applying is the only way to get the German student visa? Well, this is not that easy as it sounds.

Alongside the application for a student visa in Germany, you also need to focus on specific other issues. Unless you are caring about them, you cannot expect to get the student visa in Germany. Few of the influential factors are explained here. They will guide you to the right track to apply and get a student visa in Germany.

Residence permit

Not only the student visa in Germany will be applicable for the applicants, but they will also need a residence permit. If they cannot manage or do not have the residence permit, this would be nearly impossible to continue their studies in the country. So, in line with the student visa in Germany, you also need to apply for the residence permit. The residence permit will ensure your safe stay in the country following the duration of the visa.

Applicable for non-EU countries

If you are from the European belt, you will not be in need of the student visa in Germany. But if you are from out of the European states, you have to obtain the visa. There are a few advantages for the EU states and getting the student visa in Germany easily is one of them. But when you are applying from out of the listed countries, you have to be extra cautious.

Apply faster

Besides, if you want to get enrolled in any German university, you need to enrol as soon as you can. The most critical issue is that you will need the student visa for Germany if you can register yourself faster. It may happen that you have missed your chance as someone else booked the seat primarily. Finally, it may create an embarrassing situation for you. So, you have to be updated with information about German universities and other educational institutions. If you find something matches with your background, you should instantly apply for that.

Fill in the form rightly

At the same time, you are to fill in the application form. Unluckily, many of the applicants and students across the globe make mistakes in the application form filling. They miss the points about providing the right information and their educational background. Moreover, as an applicant, you are to explain why you are preferring the university or the subject in particular. All the grounds should be there.

Valid documents

Alongside the form filling, you also need to have some valid documents. First of all, you should have the invitation letter from the university authority. If you cannot show the invitation or letter of acceptance from the institution that they want you as their student, your application student visa in Germany will face rejection. Besides, you must hold a passport of your nationality, and it should come with a clear photo. Simultaneously, you also have to show your past academic records and transcripts.

Do not forget to attach the documents of your solvency. It will state that you can bear your costs during your stay in Germany.

Face the interview

Even more, you are to face an interview with the German embassy authority in your respective region. They are to decide if you are eligible for the student visa in Germany or not. Based on their decision, either you will get the visa or get rejected. Hence, this is a must to get some necessary preparations for the visa interview. Remember to bring all your essential documents in the interview day to show the embassy officials. Try to cast a positive impression too.

One thought on “Facts to know while you apply for a student visa in Germany”

  1. fahad amin says:

    there need to take german language or IELTS for student visa to go germany,,,,i want to know about tuition fees and how much money need to show in block accounts

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