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Gas price increase and human chain tomorrow at 11 am at National Press Club, DHAKA by Forward Party

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It is unfortunate that we have not been able to stem corruption at TITAS GAS and many officials there have allegedly amassed huge amounts of money. The corruption there continues on unabated. The government is trying to increase the GAS prices when there is really no reason to do so.
Ideally, the government should have strict measures taken to curb corruption and taken down all illegal gas connections, then there will be next to no reason to increase the gas prices.
A Human Chain will take place in front of National Press Club to protest against this decision to raise Gas prices on 28 March at 11 am. Gas price increase will affect the entire nation and many garments will suffer serious consequences. The cost of food and other essential will shoot up. House rent, electricity rent and others will rise abruptly. Do you want to see these costs slapped on you? If not, then join the HUMAN CHAIN.
HUMAN chain THURSDAY at 11 am at National Press Club DHAKA.
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