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GP network offers enhanced maritime communication and safety

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The fishermen and commuters at the Bay of Bengal will now be able to communicate through a wider mobile network range as Grameenphone begins to improve itsdeep-sea network capacity   in the Bay of Bengal. This deep-sea network coverage will not only allow deep sea fishermen communicate during emergencies but also with friends and family for their communications need.

Grameenphone is providing this deep-sea network coverage from the point of Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata, Char Kukrimukri in Bhola, and Char Montaz in Patuakhali, up to 38 km from the Bangladesh coastline. From the currently available data, more than 500 vessel units use Grameenphone’s services to connect with the mainland from more than 20 km out in the deep sea.With this advancement, Grameenphone once again reiterates its promise to empower societies through connectivity solutions.

Commenting on this development, Deputy CEO and CMO Yasir Azman stated, “The coastal region and the Bay of Bengal is an essential contributor to the national exchequer. People who depend on the sea for their livelihood also plays a significant role in providing foods for our homes. Their safeguarding is of paramount importance and we believe that this network development with being able to play a huge role in this.”

Every year the coastal area faces a lot of natural disasters such as cyclones, tornadoes and tidal waves which results in loss of lives as well as damage in the economy. The average loss per year can accumulate up to BDT 45 billion due to these natural disasters. Apart from natural disasters, pirate activities also hamper the livelihoods of fishermen and commuters.

This network development is poised to aid these bread earnersand commuters at sea and keep them safe with prompt communication with relevant authorities and with their families. Currently, mariners use high frequency radios to communicate with each other and the mainland.

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