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How To Get European Citizenship

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Living in European countries is a dream for many. There are ample options to enjoy life, invest intelligence, and grow in every aspect. So, people want to get European citizenship. This is not a matter of luck alone; it needs perseverance, skills, and ways to deal with situations. When someone combines all the things, they become successful in getting citizenship in any of the European countries. Once you got the passport, you will have no bar in travelling in the European countries or getting the right career for you in any of the nations.

However, you need to know certain aspects before the commencement of the process. Here they are.

Know the visa type

First of all, you will need to know about the visa type. Not all the visa holders can apply for the residence permit or the passport. So, before you move to any European countries, you must have to get the knowledge. There are wide types of visas available. And their durations are not the same too. The best way is to consult any professional about the visa you need to have to settle there. They can guide the best one considering your grounds.

Language matters most

Not only for effective communication, but you will also need to use the language for many other purposes. Therefore, this is another must for the applicants to know the language. Of course, you need to have a good command of the English language. But at the same time, you should know the regional dialect. When you are meeting the authority, they will consider the matter specifically. If you fail to meet their demands on language skills, surely you will get a rejection. Therefore, try to know if there is any local dialect or language is available and you need to master it.

Be eligible

At the same time, you have to attain the eligibility for getting European citizenship. The criteria are different based on the countries. It may take several years to be eligible. The range of years varies from five to ten. In this period of staying the EU countries, you have to bear your costs. Besides, you cannot seek any support from the government for your living or adjusting the living costs. On the other part, they will also check on your personal traits and other aspects. When you are eligible for citizenship, you can apply.

Citizenship tests

Some of the European countries such as Germany have tests for their potential citizens. If you are an outsider and been living there for a long time, you are to undergo the test. With the test, you can assess your skills and expertise to live in the country permanently. The tests include your language skills, motor vehicle driving skills, assessing social skills, and necessary others. Once you cross the barriers, you can apply for citizenship.


If you get married in one of the European countries, the process becomes more manageable. Usually, in Germany, you need to stay for at least eight years or five years in France. But if you are married to someone who is already the citizen, the range reduces. You may need to stay for three years (minimum) in any of the countries to get citizenship.

Apply rightly

Many of the citizenship applications get rejection as they do not have the right evidence. The applicants make mistakes in providing the documents. So, when you are applying for the citizenship, ensure you are attaching the right documents alongside the application form. The documents may include your birth certificate, bank solvency letter, language course certificate, valid passport copy, and others. Besides, you also have to provide the proof of residency, travel records etc. Do not forget to attach your marriage certificate if you marry any European citizen.

Mind the application form

Further, the applicants make a mistake while filing the application form. Many of them are unable to fill in the forms appropriately. They skip some of the portions which increase the chances of their rejection. Make sure you spell your name correctly and provide the required information in the right way. Remember, providing any wrong information will lead to cancellation of your application forever.

So, here is the end. These are the standard procedures to apply for citizenship to any European countries. When all the processes are followed rightly, you can expect to get the citizenship and passport of the country. But ensure you are on the right track to follow all the process.

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