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How To Get Poland Work Permit Visa?

Poland is one of the leading countries in the world where people of different other countries are living in harmony. They are getting the residential status and work permits to live here. However, when you are planning to have a work permit visa in Poland, you are to follow certain rules. Many of the applicants believe that they will get the work permit visa right after the application. But in reality, the scenario is different. Before you get the visa, you need to have a residential status. Many of the applicants are unaware of the matter. Besides, they also face rejection as they cannot apply rightly.

So, few tips are here that will help you to get the work permit visa for Poland.

Set the visa type

When you are applying for a work permit visa for Poland, you need to set the category. There are several categories – A B C D E and S. You are to select the right type of work permit visa that will help you work in the country legitimately. If you are in need to know the visa category detail, you have to consult with any expert who will guide you selecting the right type.

Get the documents

On the other part, you need to get the right documents for the work permit visa. Make sure you get the documents like work permit from the Polish company. The company needs to send you the permit. Or they will provide you with the documents which will prove that you are going to work for them. Unless you can show or submit the right papers, you will not get permission for working in Poland. This is the primary job for someone seeking a work permit visa in Poland.

Visa duration

Besides, the visa duration will be based on your job type. If you are going to stay for a long time, the visa type is different. And if you are going to stay for a short time, you will get another type of work permit visa in Poland. The duration is not on your command instead it will be decided by the authority.

Application process

In this phase, you have to submit the application form to the Polish embassy at your region. But before the submission of the application form, you need to fill it in duly. Ensure that you are placing the name and other credentials appropriately. Many of the applicants make this simple mistake. They do not complete the form which causes the work permit visa rejection.

Necessary documents

Alongside the work permit and order from the Polish company, you need to submit some of your personal documents. Make sure you have the latest photos. Besides, check the passport validity and you have the valid documents representing your skills. If you forge any documents or make any false statement, it will be detrimental for your future stay in the country.

Never exchange documents

Besides, there are some common trends that the applicants exchange their documents with other applicants to get some favor. But this is a bad practice and may invite troubles for you. However, you can share the documents for knowledge sharing. If the intention is to get some support or to support someone, discard the idea immediately.

2 thoughts on “How To Get Poland Work Permit Visa?”

  1. Sir, I am very much interested to go to work visa in Poland, but it would have been nice to know what documents I need. And can I go to Poland? Thank you

  2. Sohaguddin says:

    I am interested in agricultural work

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