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LAST CALL: Online course on Product Management in the US

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This is the last call for the Knight Center’s next online course!
If you have already registered for Knight Center’s new online course, Product Management for Newsroom Leaders,” congrats! If you haven’t, they are happy to inform you that still have spots available! The course starts today but you still have time to enrolland catch up!

In this course, you’ll learn from an all-star lineup of instructors: Becca Aaronson, Shannan Bowen, Emma Carew Grovum, and Cindy Royal.

Product Management is such an important and timely issue in journalism that it was the topic of a leading story of the NiemanLab published today, which features Becca Aaronson and reminds us there is still time to sign up for this course.

In this excellent new course, you’ll learn how to think like a product manager, cultivate and develop holistic solutions to tackle the biggest challenges in your new organization.

You can watch our promotional video to learn more about the course, read the syllabus and find out how to register at

Note that this is not a MOOC, but another modality of online courses that has a limited number of students and goes more in-depth. It costs U.S. $95.

Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. You can email [email protected] or contact the course assistant Filipa Rodrigues directly at [email protected].

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