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Photo Contest: Win a trip to Chile for COP25!

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This year, in partnership with the World Health Organization, Climate Tracker is launching a photography contest to highlight the impacts of climate change on health.

They are looking for 8 talented photographers from around the world to create photostories on health issues related to air pollution, climate-induced disasters, food security, and other climate-related themes.


  • 8 winners will be selected to produce a photostory about the impacts of climate change on health.
  • After completing the photoshoots, the 8 winners will receive a 200 USD cash prize.
  • These photostories will be featured in an eBook that highlights the work of the photographers.
  • Following the 8 photostories, 1 winner will receive a fully-funded fellowship to attend the COP25 in Chile on December 2019 with the Climate Tracker team!


Show us your photography skills. To apply for this competition, you will have to complete an application through their platform which should include:

1. A photograph or a photostory (up to 10 photos) that shows the challenges and/or the solutions to issues related to health and climate change.

2. A 200-word text with the idea for the photostory you will create if you are among the 8 winners. You can choose one of these main 5 themes related to health and climate change:

Air Pollution: you could show the issues related to transport-generated pollution or sustainable alternatives in a cosmopolitan city, for example.

Vector-borne diseases: such as malaria, dengue, and others which affect populations around the world.

Climate change-induced disasters: how are the communities being affected by these disasters? What type of adaptation measures have they started?

Food security: you could take a look at issues related to malnutrition, agricultural practices, water scarcity and others.

Migration: you could also focus on how populations who migrate due to environmental issues are also exposed to diseases.

*More about the campaign and FAQs.

Apply until April 13!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Contest: Win a trip to Chile for COP25!”

  1. shamim says:

    i,m interest,, can i apply

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