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Secrets to getting EU Blue Card 

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The countries in the European Union are always attractive. They offer the best places to live a happy and healthy life. As a direct consequence, a notable number of people want to get the EU Blue Card. It ensures their permanent stay in the countries. There lots of things to do and follow. Unless you are following the rules and regulations correctly, you cannot expect to get the Blue Card. The process may appear more complicated for beginners. So, few tips are here which will guide you to apply in the right process and get the desired document.

File the application

First of all, you have to file the application rightly. Most of the applicants make this mistake. They are unaware of the process of filling in the form correctly. They make several mistakes like the inappropriate spelling of their names, wrong information about their educational background and others. When the verification process begins, they become disqualified. As a result, they lose the chance of applying in the future as well.  Therefore, when you are applying for the EU Blue Card, you need to be cautious and fill in the form exactly as directed.

Academic background

The academic qualification is not the same for each of the EU countries. Before you start the application process, it is a must to know about the matter. Visiting the respective embassy, you can get the ideas of the necessary qualification. At times, you have to attach the scanned copy of all of your academic documents. Besides, you may also bring the original copies during the interview session. The embassy authority may want to check and verify them. If you can meet all the needs, you can expect to have the Blue Card for any of the EU countries.

Valid work permit

On the other part, you have to get a valid work permit from any of the EU countries to obtain the Blue Card. If you cannot show the work permit, the authority will reject your application. This is important because you need to do something there for your living. And a valid work permit ensures your way of living. You can contact your employer of the respective country to send you a work permit. This is a standard procedure that the employer will send you the work permit and you will show it to the authority.

On the other part, you should have a work experience of at least five years on the profession you are applying for. If you cannot show any substantial work experience, you may not get the work permit.

Valid documents

Even more, as an applicant for the EU Blue Card, you should have valid documents like valid passports. The passport should be valid for at least a year and should also have the permission to visit abroad without any bar. All the documents should come in nice and clear shape. Besides, you also have to get the photos in the right dimension, and they should not be older than six months. Further, you have to attach the proof of fee submission as well.

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