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Latest Updates

Political Parties Walk Out Over the Presence of Controversial Former President

By Ashok Ramsarup :: Political parties – Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – walked out of the State of the Province address in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature in Pietermaritzburg on Friday morning.  The parties expressed their dissatisfaction over the presence of former President Jacob Zuma in the legislature. The DA strongly objected to Zuma’s « More »

South Africa’s Massive Jumps into 4IR

By Ashok Ramsarup :: Countries around the world are grappling with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in the 21st century. Generally what this means the advancement in the technological era is moving at a rapid pace as technologies such as Artifical Intelligence and Data Science takes the world by storm. As South Africa progresses towards the « More »

South African Chiropractor Scoops Top Award in Malaysia

By Ashok Ramsarup :: South African Chiropractor – Dr Kumaran Devindran  Pillay – has scooped the 2019 Chiropractic Lecturer of the Year Award at the International Medical University in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. 42-year-old Dr Pillay who is a highly decorated Chiropractor comes from an underprivileged background from Verulam on the KwaZulu-Natal Coast having a string « More »

South Africa: The Government Upbeat in Providing Jobs

By Ashok Ramsarup :: South Africans have been reminded of the suffering they underwent 106 years ago when the Natives Land Act was introduced by the apartheid government. In his State of the Nation address in Cape Town, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the Natives Land Act caused devastating acts of dispossession, pain and suffering. Ramaphosa quoted « More »

How To Get European Citizenship

Living in European countries is a dream for many. There are ample options to enjoy life, invest intelligence, and grow in every aspect. So, people want to get European citizenship. This is not a matter of luck alone; it needs perseverance, skills, and ways to deal with situations. When someone combines all the things, they « More »

Kindness still breathes in our youth

Sir Frank Peters :: A revolution is taking solid root in a village near Gazipur and it’s one that even Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the RAB would warmly welcome. The mission of the revolutionaries is simple. It is to make Bangladesh better for disadvantaged children. A group of local, totally non-political, youth in the village « More »

Celebrating 40 Years of Global Action for Migratory Animals

Sunday, 23 June marks the 40th anniversary of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), also known as the “Bonn Convention” after the city in which it was signed. It is the only global treaty dealing with the conservation of migratory species and their habitats across the world, including birds, whales, « More »

Shooting Incident Between SANDF And Mozambique Border Police: Probe Is Underway

By Ashok Ramsarup :: The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has launched a board of inquiry to investigate an alleged shooting incident between its soldiers and Mozambique border police. According to SANDF spokesperson Brigadier-General M.P.M. Mgobozi said details were sketchy on the incident and the details of the shooting has not been established. Brigadier-General Mgobozi « More »

Indian Ocean Rim Association Stands Against Anti-Globalisation Initiatives

By Ashok Ramsarup :: South Africa have been vocal in urging 22 countries which are members of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) to use the IORA conference to make their voices heard over the anti-globalisation initiatives that are emerging from around the world. Speaking at the official launch of the Special Economic Zones and Economic « More »

Bonn Intercessional UN Climate Negotiations must deliver on ambition, finance and loss and damage to respond to the climate emergency

On the first day of the intercessional UN climate negotiations in Bonn (SB50) in Germany, Climate Action Network (CAN) members said negotiators must achieve robust results in loss and damage, finance and climate ambition to adequately respond to the climate emergency inflicting severe suffering on communities and economies worldwide. To respond effectively to increasing climate « More »