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‘Voices & Solutions: Achieving Growth through Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Fashion Industry’

In Bangladesh, 45% of all industrial employment is in the garment and textile sector which brings 78% of country’s export earnings.However, the negative environmental impact is a big concern in this industry as it raises a number of environmental concernsthrough polluting air, water and soil. 

According to a study of IFC, every year 1,500 billion liters of water is used to dye and wash the cotton and clothes for the garment industry in Bangladesh. Along with water, air and soil pollution affecting the environment, high level of noise pollution has physical, physiological and psychological effects on garment workers. And, globally fashion industry is a US $3 trillion sector which is the second most polluting industry.

In this backdrop, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) along with Fashion Revolution is going to organize a seminar titled ‘Voices & Solutions: Achieving Growth through Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Fashion Industry’ to be held on 20 April, Saturday at 10:30 AM at BRAC Centre Inn, Mohakhali, Dhaka.  Following personalities will enlighten the sessions:


Md. Atiqul Islam

Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC)

Asif Ibrahim 

Former President, DCCI

Sharif Zahir

Managing Director, Ananta Group Ltd

Tahura Khanam 

Managing Director, Qtex Solutions Ltd

Faruque Hassan  

Senior Vice-President, BGMEA and Consul General of Greece to Bangladesh

Professor Imran Rahman

Dean of ULAB School of Business

Dr Samad Khan 


Maheen Khan 

Fashion Designer, Monokrome

Nawshin Khair

Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution


Farah Kabir

Country Director, ActionAid Bangladesh  

The objective of the seminar is to address the situation and challenges of the garment and fashion industry in Bangladesh in a global ahead of commemorating 6 years of Rana Plaza.

The event also aims to bring out innovative solutions which are socially acceptable, environmentally beneficial and bring economic benefit to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 12 through ensuring a platform for like-minded stakeholders.

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